Energy Storage Station 2016

Location Shenzhen, China
Phone +86 21 68407631
Fax +86 21 68407633
Start Date 24-Apr-2016 End Date 26-Apr-2016
Focus Renewable Energy International / National International
Times Held Before 4
Exhibition Visitors Last Time 800 M2 Cost Small Booth €504


Ⅰ. Introduction:

To catch up and cope with the development of Chinese energy storage industry as well as opportunities and challenges included, 5th China International Energy Storage Station Congress (ESSC 2016) will be hold on April 27 – 28 in Shenzhen, China.

Ⅱ. Conference Topics:

● Value of electric power reformation for the exploitation and utilization of new energy and renewable energy
● Distributed energy resource development research during “13th Five-Year Plan” and middle and long period
● Status and development of energy Internet
● Grid acceptance policy for distributed generation and micro-grid
● Function of energy storage system in operation and control of micro-grid
● Application of distributed energy storage to promote city distribution network and electricity quality
● Technoloty and development of large-scale energy storage battery system ● Technology research and application of power battery echlon use
● Integration between electric vehicle and smart grid

Ⅲ. Who Will Attend:

◆ Government/ Public Utilities/ Supervision Unit
◆ Battery Manufacturers/ PCS/ Inverter Manufacturers
◆ Energy Storage Projects Owners
◆ Power Grid Corp./ Renewable Energy Companies
◆ Electric Power Research Insititue
◆ Others

Ⅳ. Press Release:

The International Energy Agency says,considering that the new solar cell technology and other technology progress have promoted decline in prices, the battery storage cost will decline 70% in 15 years, by a rapid decline in the cost, the storage industry has entered a period of rapid development to meet large market in the future,for that,2016 China International Energy Storage Station Congress will be held in Shenzhen in April this year,which has invited Mr.Xianglong Li,Deputy Director,the EPRI technical center of State Grid Beijing.

As Energy Storage is key to the energy internet,In the future, with charging facilities、photovoltaic、wind power and other kinds of electricity accessed to the grid,the application of energy storage can smooth volatility of distributed generation, reducing the impact on the grid, with the energy industry grown rapidly, the characteristics of lithium battery have met the unique energy storage need of distributed photovoltaic station and communication base.With miniaturization and integration of the communication base, it becomes the main driving force of the backup power supply of the communication base.

In addition, the ESSC2016 orchestrate forms and links including discussion before the symposium, keynote speech, thematic interactive discussion, case analysis, round-table discussions, cocktail party and one-to-one meeting,publishing several topics about battery, Including that “Technology and development of large-scale energy storage battery system”, “Application of battery energy storage in micro-grid system”, “Research progress introduction of lead-carbon battery in energy storage system”, “Development programme for electric vehicle power battery echelon use technology”, “Development status and trend of Industry chain of power battery”。

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