A brand new Future Hydro series event to kick off in Kyrgyzstan in December.

Future Hydro Central Asia 2016 – the only hydro-dedicated expo and conference in Central Asia to take place on 15/16 December 2016 – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


Future Hydro Central Asia expo and conference will take place on 15/16 December 2016 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and gather hydro energy experts representing leading Central Asia and international hydro energy companies, government representatives, OEMs, numerous service providers and investors. The event will cover the entire spectrum of Central Asia hydro energy potential and ambitions – from rural micro hydro installations though large-scale dams development and financing.

With thousands of miles of waterways and enormous untapped potential Central Asia is poised for an explosion of hydropower growth. Navigating the challenges of development in this diverse environment can be well worth the large return, especially with small hydro.

A gradual process of development has started yielding results for Central Asia hydropower, with a swathe of international hydro and associated power export projects under way or planned. It seems that Central Asia is becoming a more attractive place to invest in infrastructure development.

Kyrgyzstan: government streamlines respective legislation to attract investments, including private ones, in the renewable energy sector. The public-private partnership building is also a part of this equation. Some two thirds of the country’s energy is generated by power plants on large rivers. The hydro-energy sector is dominated by a few large “Soviet” power plants, while the small-scale potential of hydro-resources remains untapped. Currently, the country has more than 80 spots for small hydro power plant construction.

Uzbekistan has abundant oil and gas resources. Therefore in the past the Government spent little to develop renewable energy except hydropower and solar. This approach is rapidly changing now.

Kazakhstan has about 13 TWh of small hydropower economically developable potential, mainly located in East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Almaty and the southern Kazakhstani oblast/provinces.

In Turkmenistan, hydropower potential is mainly located on Murgab and Amu-Daria river basins. The largest small hydropower potential is concentrated in the southern part of the Republic on the Murgab and Tejen rivers and Karakumy canal.

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