Fezer wins contract to repair 2-MW turbine at Abranjo hydro plant in Brazil.

NISHI Electromecanica and Fezer, an affiliate of Power Machines, have signed a contract to modernize and repair a 2-MW turbine at the Abranjo hydro plant.

Abranjo, in Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil, is owned by Electra Power generating group. The Abranjo powerhouse contains three 2-MW turbine-generator units. NISHI Electromecanica is repairing the generator, and Power Machines Fezer is completing its work as a subcontractor.

Under the contract, Fezer will modernize and repair the turbine guide vanes, shaft and wheel, as well as install hydraulic equipment at the power plant.

This work is intended to reduce turbine cavitation, increase service life of the unit by 10 years, and reduce operation costs, says Artem Varnakov, chief executive officer of Power Machines Fezer.

Equipment deliveries to Abranjo are scheduled to be complete this month, according to Power Machines.

Power Machines Fezer also is currently involved in manufacturing and delivering three mini-turbines for the Teodoro Schlickmann hydro plant in Brazil; the delivery of spare parts for the La Mina hydro facility in Chile and the upgrade of pre-turbine ball valves at the 889-MW Henry Borden hydropower project in Brazil.

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