Energy Bike Generator Produces Free Electricity to Charge Portable Solar Generators and Other Devices. reveals small portable energy bike to produce power to recharge its portable solar powered generators. The company’s modified fitness bike becomes a hybrid electric generator bike┬áthat is light portable and can charge any cell phone or 12 volt battery day or night – it can even produce household AC 120 volt electricity on demand when using a small inverter.


Available immediately, is now building its small but powerful modified fitness bikes to charge your devices. This free energy green device was created to recharge its 1500-watt solar rechargeable generators the company sells. When the sun doesn’t shine during cloudy, rainy days or at night, the energy bike can be used instead of solar panels for charging or just producing power on demand.

According to Jan Hrkach, owner of, “Having a Solar Powered Generator is a great idea for back up power when you need it; however, if the sun decides not to shine having another method besides solar for charging the generators was needed. Small hand cranks generators are available for use but produce little power and are difficult to manage. I could not find a generator bike I liked to offer my clients, so I got to work and created the charge bike to be used with the Solar Generators.”

This energy bike works well for the portable solar generators; however, the company sees that there is a need for something like this to offer third world countries to produce small amounts of power on demand in poverty-stricken areas. Millions of people live without the simple luxury of electrical power whether they have constant intermittent power issues or none at all. A tool like the energy bike generator could be a game changing tool to increase their quality of life.

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