TMEIC to deliver 27 MW inverter capacity to Hawaii.

Japanese Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) received an order to deliver 17 units of its »Solar Ware« 1,667 kW outdoor PV inverters with a salt damage prevention specification and a total capacity of 27.6 MW for utility scale solar power plant currently under construction on Oahu island of Hawaii. The plant is being built by Eurus Energy America Corporation (San Diego, California), US subsidiary of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation. Operation of the PV inverter units is scheduled to start from around autumn 2016. More details about the facility were not disclosed.


According to the company, Hawaii is actively promoting the introduction of renewable energy. There are many cases in which utility scale solar facilities are installed near coastal areas, and up until now, PV inverters were generally installed inside an enclosure with air-conditioning to prevent salt damage.

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