GE launches 4.8MW turbine to target low-wind sites in including Germany, Turkey and Australia.

Courtesy of GE Energy.

GE has unvailed it’s new 4.8MW turbine for the onshore wind market.

The 4.8-158 model is GE’s first onshore machine in the 4MW space and is available with tips heights up to 240 metres, and an 158-metre rotor diameter.


GE onshore wind business chief executive Peter McCabe said: “The 4.8-158 design is an important next step in turbine technology and efficiency.

“It is well suited to low to medium wind speed regions worldwide – examples include Germany, Turkey and Australia.”

GE has added the 4.8-158 noise levels during normal operations are 104 dB(A), however noise-focused operations are possible.

Additionally, the doubly-fed induction generator – electrical system is integrated in the machine head of GE’s 4.8-158 onshore turbine to enable the reduction of line losses.

GE has stated the 4.8-158 “will set new standards for annual energy production and electricity generation costs”.


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