The Clean Growth Strategy sees UK government pledge £575m.

The UK government has pledged £557m in The Clean Growth Strategy. In the words of Minister for Climate Change and Industry, Claire Perry, the document outlines “an ambitious strategy to cut emissions while keeping costs down for consumers, creating good jobs and growing the economy.”

“We start from a position of strength. We have already made significant progress towards our legally binding 2050 target to reduce emissions by at least 80 per cent against 1990 levels. We exceeded the target emissions reductions of our first carbon budget (2008 to 2012) by one per cent of the budget level and we project that we will outperform against our second and third budgets covering the years 2013 to 2022 by almost five per cent and four per cent respectively.” She added.

The announcement follows Septembers campaign in which current Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi said offshore wind “may just save the planet”. The campaign was run by companies including including Greenpeace, WWF and the Marine Conservation Society, and saw Westminster tube station taken over by posters on the walls and ticket gates extolling the virtues of offshore wind power, which is now half the price it was just two years ago.

Prime Minister Theresa May has stated “we set out the actions we are taking to put clean growth at the centre of our modern Industrial Strategy: changing the way we heat our homes, power our cars, and run our electricity grid.” and Greg Clark Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, added “The opportunity for people and business across the country is huge. The low carbon economy could grow 11 per cent per year between 2015 and 2030, four times faster than the projected growth of the economy as a whole.”

The Clean Growth Strategy has set out on two goals:

1. To meet our domestic commitments at the lowest possible net cost to UK taxpayers, consumers and businesses; and,

2. To maximise the social and economic benefits for the UK from this transition.

Recent statistics from the Department for Business and Energy (Beis) showed that renewable energy accounted for 29.8 per cent of UKs power, a rise from 25.3 per cent in 2016, with onshore wind generating 50 per cent more compared to the same period last year.

“The Clean Growth Strategy is an important milestone in the UK’s work to cut emissions and grow the economy. But it is not the end of the process. Clean technology is developing at a rapid pace and costs are falling faster than many predicted – for example, the cost of offshore wind has halved in two years. We look forward to working with colleagues across both Houses and the Devolved Administrations, and with people and organisations across the country, to ensure the UK can continue to lead the world in clean growth.” Added Claire Perry in summation.

The full document can be found here: The Clean Growth Strategy Leading the way to a low carbon future.

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