Elections for the Board of the International Geothermal Association.

Elections are open for the Board of Directors of the International Geothermal Association, make sure to vote the candidates you would like to present and push the IGA forward.

The International Geothermal Association invites all individual members of the national geothermal associations to elect the new IGA Board of Directors (BoD) for the period 2016 – 2019. The online voting platform is open from today Saturday, 21 May 2016 until Friday, 1 July 2016 until 11.30 CEST.

Once you access the online voting platform, you will find a list of all BoD candidates listed by their last name.You can vote for up to 30 candidates, minimum one candidate.

In the candidate statements the candidates describe what they aim for as IGA Board member and how they intend to contribute to the IGA. The candidate statements are available online.

iga board

IGA Board members at Field Trip in Iceland, April 2016

IGA Board of Directors election 2016 – Candidate statements:

Bjarni Bjarnason (Iceland)

“I have served on various CEO posts in the Icelandic energy sector prior to my present position. Reykjavik Energy is the main utility company in Iceland sourcing its heat and power production from geothermal. I also have broad experience in hydropower and I served as VP of the Board of Directors of IHA for some years. During this period we developed the IHA Sustainability Protocol. My academic background is in geology, mining engineering and marine engineering. At the start of my carrier I served for 6 years as the Technical Manager for Iceland Drilling, the main geothermal drilling company in Iceland.

In my daily work I am a strong advocate for geothermal utilization. I believe that IGA has an important role to play on behalf of geothermal in the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. To live up to its role IGA needs better funding and the issue of permanent staff and permanent central office needs to be revisited. A second field of my personal interest is human resources in the energy sector with emphasis on gender equality in particular.

If elected to the IGA Board I would focus on the above apart from generally supporting the good work of IGA into the future.”

Andy Blair (New Zealand)

Andy Blair is the Global Chair for Women in Geothermal (WING). WING is a not-for-profit organisation represented in 48 countries, and whose mission is to promote the education, professional development and advancement of women in the geothermal community.

As Business Development Manager for GNS Science, a research and consultancy organisation based in New Zealand, her primary focus is to realise the commercial aspirations of the Geothermal Sciences Department.  Over the last 8 years Andy has coordinated geoscience contracts in: NZ, Indonesia, Chile, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Pacific Islands, Caribbean & the Philippines.

Andy is a Director of Ringa Matau Ltd, the commercial arm of Tauhara North Number 2 Trust, who has ownership in geothermal powerstation and steamfield assets in NZ.   In other governance roles, Andy is focussed on utilising geothermal energy to drive economic growth, and presents as an invited speaker on the socio-economic aspects of geothermal development.

“If elected I will work to provide strategic direction and leadership, strengthen the connectivity of the industry, and champion diversity.”

Rolf Bracke (Germany)

Rolf Bracke (54 years) is Professor of Geothermal and Environmental Technology at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. He is also the Director of the International Geothermal Centre in Bochum, which is the home of the IGA Secretariat. He holds a PhD in Environmental Technology from Aachen University and is interested in R&D on drilling technologies; he holds Awards and Patents for Innovations on hydraulic Drilling Techniques. Rolf was previously CEO of a Consulting and Engineering Company. At the Bochum University, he introduced the M.Sc. on “Geothermal Energy Systems” and the “Bochum Graduate School on Enhanced Geothermal Systems”. Rolf is a member of the IGA Board of Directors and responsible for the IGA Academy.

“My ambitions for the IGA is to strengthen the visibility of the geothermal economy by initiating an ad-hoc committee or a branch for geothermal companies and enterprises along the chain value. I believe this is needed for a better standing of the IGA in international organisations on renewable energies and towards politics. Since emerging markets and enterprises also require more and highly skilled personnel, I want to contribute to a successful constitution of the IGA-Academy as a global education and professional training institution.”

Paul Brophy (USA)

“I have served on the IGA Board for the past three years as Chair of the Finance Committee and during that time have attempted to re-organize the financial affairs of our organization. For many years the IGA survived on a small budget that limited the help it could offer the geothermal industry to financially supporting a few international workshops each year. We are now in a much stronger financial position which allows us to significantly increase and re-focus our support and services to member associations. This re-focusing process within the IGA has just started and I would like to continue to be a part of these efforts, which is why I wish to continue on the IGA Board.

As current President of the US-based Geothermal Resources Council and as a member of the Organizing/Steering committees for both WGC2015/WGC2020, I believe that with my background I can assist the IGA in moving forward into a new era of support to the worldwide geothermal industry.”

Jane Brotheridge (New Zealand)

“I am honored to be nominated for the IGA Board of Directors by the NZGA where I have been Secretary since 2013.  I have been working in the renewable energy industry for 20 yrs, mostly in geothermal development but also wind projects. I gained my MSc at the University of Auckland Geothermal Institute, New Zealand, and over the years I have been involved in many geothermal exploration programs and resource assessments around the world. I have been with Jacobs (formerly SKM) for the last eight years. Following on from the Paris Climate Change Agreement last Dec, there is an urgent call to accelerate renewable energy use and generation.

The IGA is integral in championing the use and development of geothermal around the world through their many affiliated groups and networks in government agencies, financing institutions, NGOs, and stakeholders.  The IGA needs to continue to engage and build up strong relationships with these entities, and be the ‘go-to’ organisation to provide accurate factual information and promote opportunities for learning. If elected to the IGA Board my focus would be on building relationships and supporting efforts to promote geothermal development utilization particularly in developing countries.”

Louis Capuano, Jr (USA)

“I have been working in the Geothermal Industry since 1974.  I am a graduate of Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and have worked as a Drilling Engineer since graduation.  In 1980 I founded ThermaSource, Inc. and built it into a multi layered service provider. In January 2012, I founded Capuano Engineering Co. to specialize in geothermal engineering projects.

I have served two terms as President of the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC).  From this position as President I was able to witness and assist with what is needed to move our industry forward.  As an IGA Board member I would like to assist in developing a common voice.

The direction I would like to see the IGA take is a more proactive role; to be represented in all countries and at all conferences for any form of energy and advocate geothermal production.  We do not need to differentiate between the various types of geothermal utilization.

If elected to this Board, I will be an active member, attending all meetings and any committee meetings.  I would like to work on a number of committees wherever I am needed.  I would also like to participate in the education committee as well as membership.”

Varun Chandrasekhar (India)

“If Elected to IGA BoD, My election will help represent India & promote its geothermal energy development & all developing countries for power generation with a focus on low enthalpy resources & direct use applications in heating/cooling & agriculture. Further its also an opportunity to share stage with like-minded & experienced members, share our success & failures in the area, draw-up best sustainable options to explore industry academia collaborations & at the end of the day collate all stakeholders to work towards a goal of promoting Economical & Sustained development of Geothermal energy. I strongly believe geothermal is the future hence shall continue to work thought my tenure in the board in this direction to help enhance BRAND IGA to further its goal to make it a One Stop Shop for global geothermal community. I have served two terms on IGA Sub Committees of Strategy & Planning, Bylaws & Information Committee(non-Board Member), in addition to Member for Global Geothermal Policy Framework & Member for International EGS/HRD Roadmap–IEA, Network for Renewable energy–ICTP Italy, Geothermal Resources Council, GeoStats Advisory Board–Iceland, Founding Director–GeoSyndicate Power Ltd.” 

Gustavo Cuellar (El Salvador)

“1-To support IGA goal to encourage research, the development and utilization of geothermal resources using my 49 years of global experience in development and technical assistance. One key goal is the promotion of Geothermal energy as a sustainable resource

2-To build a strong relationship where the global geothermal community supports IGA actively and count with major presence worldwide so that IGA members reap the benefits of the association

3-1967/80 Lead geothermal exploration and development at Ahuachapan, Berlin, San Vicente and Chinameca fields; oversaw the construction of the first geothermal power plant in Central and South America

1969/70 Geothermal exploration and development training, at DSIR New Zealand, Florence University Italy and Science Institute Iceland

1980/85 Regional Advisor, Latin American Energy Organization-OLADE

1990/95 Interregional Advisor, United Nations, New York

IGA BoD’s Member 1989-95. Organizing Committee for the 1995 WGC, Florence Italy

GRC BoD’s Member 1992-98

Honored with the GRC Pioneer Award, Las Vegas, 2014

4-I would work to ensure IGA responds to the expectations of its individual members, and strengthen the credibility of the geothermal industry”

Bruno Della Vedova (Italy)

Bruno Della Vedova is associate professor of applied geophysics at the Department of Engineering and Architecture, Trieste University and is working on the assessment of geothermal resources on land and off-shore and on the direct applications of the geothermal heat since more than 35 years.

“I am interested in the geological and geophysical characterization and modeling of the shallow and deep reservoirs and in integrated solutions for space heating and cooling and district heating.

I am particularly interested in the IGA activities concerning education, research programs and actions to reduce upfront costs of geothermal projects.

In the upcoming Board term I wish IGA to achieve:

  • coordination and synergy with relevant national and international initiatives and activities;
  • sharper visibility, strength and critical mass to foster the fragmented geothermal community;
  • risk mitigation strategies and long-term sustainability for geothermal projects;
  • innovative research and development for the ultra geothermal resources and offshore.

If elected, I would like to serve in the Education and Programme and Planning Committees and actively contribute to the deployment of the IGA strategy.”

Surya Darma (Indonesia)

Surya, is pass President of Indonesia Geothermal Association (INAGA), Member of National Research Council, IGA Board and former Director of Operation PGE. He is now a Chairman of the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society, CEO of Hasera Sagoesa and a Lecturer of the Geothermal Master Program, University of Indonesia.

He hosted WGC2010 in Bali and involved in the WGC2015 OC.

Surya has over 30 years experiences in geothermal, power and energy policy in Indonesia. Earned a B.S. degree in geology, a Dipl. Geotherm.Tech. from Auckland University, and a Ph.D. degree in 2000.

“If elected to the IGA Board, I believe that the IGA can serve vital, functions in bringing word of the many benefits of geothermal energy to decision makers in governments worldwide, and in providing technical information to those working in geothermal energy in the developing countries. I would be interested in serving on the promotion of geothermal utilization in such countries. Geothermal power can be utilized a more capacity in the developing countries such Indonesia. I will work within the IGA to promote collaboration and convince the governments of such countries to utilize geothermal energy.”

Ariel D. Fronda (Philippines)

“I am Engr. Ariel Fronda, Division Chief of the Geothermal Energy Management Division under Renewable Energy Management Bureau of the Department of Energy. A Mechanical Engineer by profession and has worked at the Department of Energy for twenty (20) years, handling geothermal service contract implementation, monitoring, and resource assessment.

I graduated from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and acquired my Master’s Degree in Management at the Technological University of the Philippines. I pursued post graduate study at the United Nations University – Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP) in Reykjavik, Iceland, where I completed a Diploma Course specializing in Geothermal Reservoir Engineering. I also completed a training program on Geothermal Resource Management under the auspices of the Japan International Cooperation Agency. I am currently one of the board of directors of the National Geothermal Association of the Philippines (NGAP).

I intend to contribute my regulatory and technical experience in the discussion and position of the International Geothermal Association (IGA) to global issues and concerns. I am interested in the topics of Policies and Regulations on Geothermal Resource Management and Power Plant Operations.

I wish that IGA will be more active in providing lectures, seminars and short course trainings to its members for the Board term 2019. I am also expecting full participation of the IGA in global promotion for the development and utilization of Renewable Energy. “

Albert Genter (France)

By joining the next IGA BoD for the second term, my ambition is to promote the geothermal energy sector. I would like that geothermal energy becomes more well-known from various stakeholders (population, project developers, authorities,…) in order to improve the social acceptance of future geothermal projects in Europe. I would like to contribute to fill the gap between industry and academy by reinforcing dissemination and information for enhancing the growth of the geothermal community. As an expert in the EGS technology, I would like to encourage further technical and research developments in order to achieve more standard methodology from exploration to exploitation for making geothermal energy more visible and competitive. My main wish will be to contribute to IGA activity by attending the board meeting and being involved in several committees (Information, Education). As a structural geologist with a PhD in applied geology from Orléans University (1989) working at Electricité de Strasbourg Géothermie, I am the candidate of the French Association of geothermal Professionals (AFPG). If elected to the IGA Board, I will try to reinforce the worldwide role of IGA.

Lúdvík S. Georgsson (Iceland)

Lúdvík is the Director of United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP) in Iceland since 2013 and also an IGA BoD member since 2013.

Lúdvík’s background is in Engineering Physics, graduating from the University of Lund, Sweden in 1975. In 1975-1989 he worked at Orkustofnun – National Energy Authority of Iceland as a geophysicist and project manager for many geothermal projects in Iceland. Lúdvík became the Deputy Director of UNU-GTP in 1990, and his work has since focused on geothermal education and training for developing nations. He was responsible for planning and execution of the 6-month geothermal training in Iceland, and training and courses given by the UNU-GTP in developing countries in recent years. Through his numerous geothermal site visits to nations around the world and participation in conferences and workshops he has a thorough knowledge on their status and needs in capacity building and support for geothermal development.

“If elected to IGA BoD, I look forward to be able to continue spreading the geothermal gospel with increasing weight for the benefit and promotion of geothermal worldwide, in line with the goals of IGA.”

Marek Hajto (Poland)

Vice-chairperson of the Polish Geothermal Society. Employed at the AGH-University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland. MSc. degree (1996) in Applied Geology, the AGH–UST, Krakow, Poland. Graduated from the UNU Geothermal Training Programme, Iceland (2002). Over 18 years’ experience in research of which almost 13 years in the field of geothermal exploration and use. Areas of scientific interest cover research into assessment of geothermal energy resources, as well as academic education.

“I would like to act towards international integration of geothermal associations from the Central and Eastern European countries and undertaking common education and project activities. Additionally being a member of IGA BoD will facilitate my more active participation in the work of the IGA R&R Committee.

I would also like to work for more effectively gaining and harnessing of financial aid and support of international institutions and programmes within the countries aspiring for the EU membership, interested in rapprochement with the European Union (e.g. Ukraine).

I’m familiar with computers and my skills would be also helpful at the Information or/and Membership Committees of IGA BoD.”

Markus O. Häring (Switzerland)

Markus O. Häring (1952) holds a PhD in Earth Sciences of the University of Basel. He founded Geo Explorers Ltd a leading innovator for deep and shallow reservoir technologies.

“With my first hand experience in one of the most challenging EGS projects I acquired the expertise to identify promising projects and meaningful research. I can bring large scale projects to realization.

I wish to promote lighttower projects to demonstrate the geothermal potential on a global scale. I’m determined to give geothermal the appropriate attention in a carbon dominated energy world.

With more than a decade of professional experience around the world in hydrocarbon exploration and with two decades of industry experience in the development of one of the most referenced EGS projects, I can contribute significantly to the advancement of geothermal technology.


  • Since 2007 member of the Swiss Federal Geological Commission,
  • 2013 – 2016 board member of the Swiss Geothermal Association,
  • since 2010 steering committee member of the International Partnership for Geothermal Technology IPGT

If elected to the Board I will promote the values of IGA beyond the close knitted community.”

Colin Harvey (New Zealand)

“As a former Vice President of IGA (2010-13), past president of NZGA and former manager of the Geothermal Division of GNS Science (now retired)  I am keen to again offer my services to the Board of IGA (2016-9). My international experience in consulting, teaching (Geothermal Institute & Indiana University) and management of geothermal projects in over 20 countries equips me to appreciate the importance of the IGA to foster and encourages the world’s utilisation of geothermal energy.  I was senior author of the Best Practice Guide for Geothermal Exploration (issued by IGA and IFC) which will soon be a text book under the Geothermal Academy in Bochum. My experience with numerous international agencies (World Bank, United Nations, IFC, ADB,  IADB and NZ Government) ensures that I contribute an international perspective to the Board. If elected I would be pleased to stand as treasurer (a role I held 2006- 2010) and co-treasurer for WGC 2015) or on the education committee.”

Li Hongying (China)

LI Hongying, work at Geothermal Section of Bureau of Land & Resources of Baoding City, Hebei Province, China. Now is Vice Secretary of Geothermal Chinese Energy Society, Vice Secretary of Geothermal Committee of China Mining Union, and the Secretary General of Baoding Geothermal Association.

During 2000 studied environment at UNU-GTP in Iceland, final master degree is geological engineering at China University of Mining and Technology. The famous model of district heating –“Xiong County Model”, the significant pioneer of geothermal development in China, is cooperated by Sino-Iceland adventure at Baoding.

“IGA has large influence power on encouraging geothermal research, development and utilization worldwide. China should strengthen more effective power on geothermal and enhance international cooperation. If elected to the IGA Board, I would participate in IGA’s activities actively, especially interested in information or education topics. Hope during the new term IGA create more opportunities for developing countries support on technical exchanges and more information on new technology. “

Liu Jiurong (China)

“I am LIU Jiurong, the Chief Engineer at the Beijing Institute of Geo-Environment Monitoring (BIGEM) in Beijing, China. I was born in 1963, and got my BS, MS and PhD in hydrogeology respectively in 1983, 1988 and 2003. I completed the 6 month UNU Geothermal Training Program in Iceland in 1999, specialized in reservoir engineering.

I was in charge of over 30 geothermal projects in Beijing and other part in China, made great contributions in the promotion of geothermal reinjection and resource assessment in China, and was awarded 9 Scientific Prize by the Ministry of Land Resources and the Municipality of Beijing.

I have served as vice chair of Geothermal Committee of the China Energy Research Society (affiliated to IGA) since 2007, and I was a board member of West Pacific Branch of IGA in 2009-2013.

I hope that the IGA will better the publication of scientific and technical information by making good use of new media in the upcoming board term. If selected to the IGA Board, I would take all the responsibilities of a board member, especially promote technical exchange among countries (my most interested IGA topic), and have more Chinese geothermal professionals become members of IGA.”

Kristín Vala Matthíasdóttir (Iceland)

Kristín Vala Matthíasdóttir is a Vice-President of Resource Park at HS Orka, the third largest power company in Iceland. She is also the chairman of the Iceland Geothermal Association. She has a M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Lund, Sweden, and B.Sc degree in the Chemical Engineering from University of Iceland. She has wide experience within the geothermal industry. Prior joining HS Orka Kristín Vala worked for Magma Energy Iceland, Geysir Green Energy and Enex.

Peter Meier (Switzerland)

The utilization of EGS has an enormous potential world wide where rocks are not sufficient permeable to use conventional geothermal production methods. R&D activities are underway in many countries for a large variety of geological settings. As a board member of IGA I will foster the world wide promotion and the exchange of experiences and ideas on EGS between stakeholders from politics, authorities, industry and research. As I am working on EGS also within IEA Geothermal and the International Partnership for Geothermal Technology I can also establish a strong link with these organizations.

Peter Meier holds a MSc in civil engineering from the ETH Zürich. After working 4 years for a hydrogeological field testing company, he did a Ph.D. in hydrogeological modeling at UPC Barcelona. Thereafter, he was a project manager during 3 years in France for international R&D projects in underground rock labs. During the next 10 years he developed large hydropower projects. Since 2011 he is CEO of Geo-Energie Suisse, a company founded by seven Swiss utilities with the objective to get a break-through of EGS geothermal energy.

Diego Morata (Chile)

“The first geothermal power plant in South America will be built in Chile in 2017. This will be a big challenge and a new opportunity to show the benefits of geothermal energy to latin community. I believe that geothermal developments must be a joint venture between developers, researchers, public institutions, with societal support. As Director of the Andean Geothermal Center of Excellence, supported by the Chilean National Science Foundation, and focussed in the development of geothermal research, training and outreach programs in Chile and Andean countries, I could contribute to IGA activities promoting the development of research and training programs in South America, the only region with no geothermal developments. Also, I will promote the benefits of geothermal energy to society, developing research and training programs in direct use as a way to introduce geothermal to society. If am elected for the IGA Board, I could be probably the only board member from South America and I could contribute strongly with an academic and researcher perspective, in particular, considering the differences that local development has shown in our region in contrast with developed countries.”

Paul Mustakim (Indonesia)

“Slow geothermal development in many countries has been caused by many challenges mainly relating to organizational capabilities, technology, project financing, encouraging policies and regulations. These require supports not only from within the country but also from institutions worldwide. IGA represents world resources having broad knowledge, experience and established systems (education, professionals, project financing, policies) and can thus help many countries addressing some of these structural issues. It can promote strategic cooperations among institutions and government. In June 20013, I chaired the first Geothermal Conference and Exhibition (IIGCE) in Indonesia. This IIGCE forum and INAGA and its partnership with GOI (EBTKE) have significantly promoted technical and social issues sharing and business collaborations, and gained more political and public supports leading to improved policies, new law and regulations in geothermal and forestry. More people development efforts through extensive industry forums, geothermal educations and scholarships. Currently I am one of the Vice Presidents of The Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) and board member of AWPRB.”

Peter Omenda (Kenya)

“I am a PhD graduate in Geological Sciences from the University of Texas at El Paso, USA and a post graduate diploma in geothermal technology from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. I have an interest in geology and geothermal conceptual models, projects development for power plants and direct use and management of geothermal projects. I am a deputy chair of IGA-East Africa Regional Branch and treasurer of the Geothermal Association of Kenya. I have been also an active member of IGA for more than 10 years.

If elected to the IGA Board, I will support the board to achieve its objectives and playing an active role to the wider uptake of geothermal development in the East Africa Region which has many undocumented and undeveloped geothermal resources beyond the known occurrences. I will leverage my educational background and 27 years’ experience to support IGA activities. I will continue to champion and work with government agencies and stakeholders to promote utilization of geothermal resources and to actualize the establishment and operation of Africa Geothermal Centre of Excellence.

I look forward to your vote to join the IGA board of directors.”

György Pátzay (Hungary)

Diploma in chemical engineering at Technical University of Budapest in 1975. Diploma in 2000 in Environmental engineering at Technical University of Budapest. CSc. and Ph.D. degrees in 1995 at Technical University of Budapest. Vice president of the Hungarian Thermal Energy Association Society. He has been working with water chemistry of various geothermal wells in Hungary, modelling of scaling and corrosion processes in geothermal wells, membrane separation processes in separation from geothermal waters, life cycle assessment of geothermal and fossile type space heating systems. He was one of the organizer of the International Geothermal Conference in Szeged Hungary in 2003. He is a professor and lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, deputy head of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering, lecturer of „Chemical Technology”, „Water Chemistry and Technology”, „Modern Energy Production Systems” and Isotope Chemistry and Nuclear „Engineering”. He published some 105 papers mainly in English. He is working now on the combined use of geothermal and bimass energy for CHP.

“If elected to the IGA Board, I would like to contribute my abilities to the fields of efficient geothermal energy use including low and medium-enthalpy sources as well as EGS resources. I’ll absorb experiences and techniques from other countries widely, and give full scope to action promoting geothermal development in Hungary, in the Central-European region and all over the world. If elected to the IGA Board, I would like to promote further exchange and cooperation between Hungary, the East-European region and IGA.”

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