CIMA+ merges with Hydrosys Consultants.

Consulting engineering firm CIMA+ has merged with Hydrosys Consultants Inc., a company specializing in engineering services for hydropower and hydraulic structures.

“CIMA+ has been involved in the hydropower industry for over 45 years, serving clients in the private and public sectors across Canada and Africa. Merging with Hydrosys allows us to enhance our service offer in one of our primary fields of expertise,” said Marc Cantin, vice president, Energy at CIMA+.

Hydrosys offers services to dam owners and developers of small and medium-sized hydropower projects for the construction, refurbishment and upgrading of hydraulic and hydropower structures. In business for 10 years, Hydrosys’ 19 employees have taken part in more than 150 hydraulic and hydropower development projects of less than 50 MW across Canada, Latin American, the Caribbean, France and elsewhere around the world.

Hydrosys experts specialize in the areas of structures, gates, dams, hydraulics and geotechnics (Geosys). They have recently joined CIMA+’s teams in Montréal, Sherbrooke and Vancouver.

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