Lille Mennika dam upgrade a test for Russian cooperation skills.

The Murmansk Region authorities will render all necessary assistance to a Norwegian project to upgrade the Lille Mennika dam of the Skogfoss hydroelectric station, Deputy Governor of the Murmansk Region Yevgeny Nikora told a Norwegian delegation.

A cascade of five Russian (Kajtakosky, Janikosky, Rajakosky, Hevokosky, and Borisoglebskaya) and two Norwegian (Skogfoss and Melkefoss) hydroelectric stations was built on the Paz (Paatsjoki) River in the northern Murmansk Region and Norway between 1950 and 1978.

Skogfoss power station. The dam stretches far into Russian territory. (Photo: Pasvik Kraft)
Skogfoss power station. The dam stretches far into Russian territory. (Photo: Pasvik Kraft)

Pasvik Kraft AS General Director Monica Jeriærvi explains that under a new amendment to the Norwegian law the Lille Mennika dam located on the Russian side of the Paz River in the Pasvik Natural Reserve should be upgraded. This large-scale project requires assistance from the Government of the Murmansk Region.

The height of the dam has to be increased by 1.5 meters and the project should be coordinated with Russia. The dam owner is planning the exploratory and building stages in 2016 and 2019, respectively.

Mr. Nikora reminded his audience that the Russian-Norwegian cooperation in hydropower engineering and power construction was unique and always beneficial. He also said that the Paz cascade was of vital importance for the Murmansk Region.

“Norway will have our full support, but it should abide by the laws of the Russian Federation. This project involves both federal authorities and the regional government,” he said, adding that cooperation in the area of water resources and environment was yet further proof that Russia has the potential to interact constructively with Norway in any international environment.

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