Lendahand Ethex becomes first online ethical platform investors to track social and environmental benefits.

Lendahand Ethex, a joint venture between two of Europe’s leading online impact investing platforms, has today announced that its Energise Africa investors will be able to track the social and environmental impact of their investments via a first of its kind portfolio impact tracking tool.

The new portfolio impact tracking tool enables investors in all of the Energise Africa solar businesses to see detailed social, environmental and financial impact updates once repayments begin six months into their investment.

Customers logging into the website will see firsthand detailed maps showing where the solar systems have been installed, the number of households and people that have benefited as well as the extra hours of light and CO2 emissions reduced.

Solar business are also providing Energise Africa investors with additional testimonials and case studies from families who can now access affordable solar energy, detailing the impact that this is having on their lives.

Lisa Ashford, Managing Director, Lendahand Ethex Ltd says: “Ethical investing isn’t just about thinking that your money is doing good; it’s about demonstrating that it is doing good. Customers want easily accessible, transparent products with the potential to generate fair returns and increasingly they want to be connected with their money, seeing exactly how their investment is benefitting the environment and communities.”

“We are delighted that we are now able to provide Energise Africa investors with the ability to easily track the social, environmental and financial impact of their investment via our new portfolio impact tracking tool. For a long time investors have been hampered with a lack of transparency and opaque products when it comes to impact investing – now via the power of technology, we’re connecting people directly with the impact that their investment is creating on the ground.”

Eligible investors can also benefit from tax free returns by holding their Energise Africa solar investments within an Innovative Finance ISA. Investors can deposit a minimum of £50 in different projects and can choose the location and term of their investment over typically 2 – 3 years and targeting potential returns of up to 6% per annum.

To date, Lendahand Ethex has successfully raised more than £4.5 million from 1000 people investing in 36 projects across sub-Saharan Africa. As a result of this investment more than 180,000 people will be able to access affordable solar energy in Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda and DRC. The latest projects available are located in Burkino Faso.

Currently 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity, which limits their life chances. Energise Africa’s solar businesses are bringing affordable, clean energy and potential economic opportunity to tens of thousands of families.

Over a 1 to 2-year period, African households can make regular monthly payments after which they own the solar home systems outright and are then able to realise further valuable cost savings.

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