Whatever happened to Saudi Vision 2030?

Whatever happened to Saudi Vision 2030?

After first pushing backs its renewable goals, Saudi Arabia looks to have vastly reduced plans for PV and CSP deployment. Reports coming out of the country today say that the Energy Minister has announced a reduction of its 2040 renewable goals from 50% to 10% of the country’s electricity supply. While the Middle East Solar […]

China forces grid operators to buy wind and solar.

China sent shares of renewable-energy companies higher by forcing grid operators to buy wind and solar power in regions where network congestion has idled plants. Grid companies will have to buy sufficient power that ensures wind farms across nine regions including Xinjiang and Gansu can operate at least 1,800 hours a year, according to a […]

Solar industry denounces vetoing of Maryland’s Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2016.

MD DC VA Solar Energy Industries Association is deeply disappointed that Governor Hogan vetoed the Clean Energy Jobs Act. Governor Hogan ran his campaign on supporting jobs in Maryland. With this veto, Governor Hogan is sending a clear message that the Administration does not support job creation in a high growth, private-sector industry that provides […]

More generous FiT for solar in Queensland.

Solar power system owners in regional Queensland will start receiving a more generous rate for their solar electricity exports from July. The Queensland Competition Authority announced on Friday the new feed-in tariff for regional customers in 2016-17 is 7.448 cents per kilowatt hour; 17.3% higher than 2015-16. Those receiving the 44 cents per kilowatt hour […]

US Energy Department launches 5 Solar Ready Vets training locations.

Today, the Energy Department announced five additional military bases will join Solar Ready Vets, a solar jobs training program that prepares service members for careers in the solar industry when they leave active duty. The Department is also awarding $10 million to 10 new projects through its Solar Training and Education for Professionals (STEP) funding program, which […]

Energy Ministry Thailand waives fee in push for pv rush.

Energy Ministry Thailand waives fee in push for pv rush.

Thailand: The Energy Ministry’s Energy Policy and Planning Office has agreed to waive the fee for inspecting meters in pilot project to promote the liberalised installations of 100 MW electricity generation solar panels for homes and commercial buildings to attract more participants to the scheme. EPPO also asked the Metropolitan Electricity Authority and the Provincial […]