Solar and Wind dominate power generation capacity additions as projections for investment reach $2.20 Trillion by 2021.

Frost & Sullivan finds declining capital cost of solar and wind, rise in battery energy storage adoption, disruptive start-ups contributing to competition, and increases in mergers and acquisitions will drive growth opportunities. Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis Global Power Industry Outlook, 2018 reveals that a combination of factors led by renewables is set to transform the […]

Louise Vickery of ARENA: the COP21 agreement a “game-changer” for all renewables.

The global COP21 agreement could be the impetus for investment in 
solar thermal energy in Australia, given the technology’s potential
 for energy storage as well as electricity generation. ARENA general manager of projects Louise Vickery yesterday told the
 Australian Solar Thermal Research Initiative conference in Melbourne
 this week the COP21 agreement was a “game-changer” for […]