Battery energy storage solution from Gexpro approved by Hawaiian Electric.

Power IQ 30 battery energy storage solution from Gexpro, a worldwide electrical distributor and solutions provider and a subsidiary of Rexel, is now approved by Hawaiian Electric Company (Hawaiian Electric) for the customer grid and self-supply distributed resource programs. This key certification from Hawaiian Electric will allow customers of the Hawaiian utility to interconnect commercial solar PV systems combined with Gexpro’s battery energy storage solution to the Hawaiian Electric grid. Power IQ 30 combines state-of-the-art technologies from leading companies in the energy storage industry including software and top-level controls from Geli, Ideal Power’s 30kW Multi-port Power Conversion System (30B3-4DF) and lithium-ion batteries from LG Chem. Power IQ 30 is in stock and available to ship via Gexpro’s extensive distribution network and has offices supporting the Hawaiian market in Honolulu and Hilo.

Power IQ 30 is a modular energy storage solution, enabling it to be right-sized to maximize economics of solar+storage. The system can store excess energy from solar PV systems for self-consumption, preventing any export of power to the utility grid (a component of the customer self-supply regulations). Due to the state’s curtailment of net metering for solar PV, the ability for customers to store solar energy and use it during periods of low generation is a key value of solar-plus-storage in this market as increased solar self-consumption improves payback periods for PV systems. Power IQ 30 is also approved to support customer grid supply. This battery energy storage solution reduces demand charges by judiciously discharging the battery at optimum times throughout the day to decrease building load. Gexpro’s partners, Geli and Ideal Power, collaborated to satisfy Hawaiian Electric’s stringent new grid interactivity standards. This Power IQ 30 operating system will be able to learn and adapt to future use cases as the market evolves as well as add features to maintain compliance as Hawaiian Electric continues to refine the rules for how to support Hawaii’s goal of being 100 percent renewable by 2045.

“This certification from Hawaiian Electric is an important step for Gexpro and its Power IQ 30 partners, Ideal Power and Geli, who have put a lot of effort into meeting the Hawaiian Electric requirements,” said Mike Seavey, National Solar and Storage Manager of Gexpro. “The grid interconnection certification is crucial for the purposes of peak demand management which can save C&I customers a great deal on demand charges. And without a favorable net metering policy in the state, energy storage is absolutely necessary for solar customers to maximize the rate of return on their investment through self-supply and consumption.”

For Power IQ 30, Gexpro sought out the leading technologies in the industry, resulting in the greatest flexibility and best possible value for its customers. Ideal Power’s 30B3-4DF is based on the company’s Power Packet Switching Architecture™ (PPSA), an inherently bi-directional power conversion technology that provides electrical isolation without the need for a transformer, delivering power conversion systems that are smaller, lighter, more flexible and more efficient. The top-level controls for Power IQ 30, the Geli Energy Operating System (Geli EOS), is an intelligent software control platform that operates and networks energy storage and distributed generation to provide customer savings, energy resiliency and grid support services. By leveraging Geli EOS and intelligent energy storage, system operators and end customers are able to take advantage of demand savings.

Power IQ 30 is available in various configurations ranging from 30kW to 250kW output at 1 to 4 hour output capacity. Gexpro also offers residential solar-plus-storage systems.

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