Cuba evaluates investment proposals for Waste Management.

Cuban authorities are analyzing proposals from 28 foreign companies willing to invest in a management project of urban solid wastes generated in the country aimed at reducing the negative impact to the environment and human health.

Orlando Lopez, specialist of Industrial Policy Board of the Ministry of Industries told the Cuban News Agency that the requests for investment came mainly from European nations and Canada.

He explained that currently they are assessing the best technologies that adapted for conditions in Cuba specifically related to the type of wastes in addition to the most efficient style in the generation of electricity beginning from the gasses from the residues.


This investment valued at over one billion pesos, pretends to involve the production of electric energy, increase the recovery of recycled wastes and the reduction of the environmental and social impact, he said.

Lopez offered his statements in the context of the workshop called Urban Wastes: Management and Recycle, organized by the Antonio Nunez Jimenez Foundation with the cooperation of representatives of the Sweden and Norwegian ambassadors in Cuba and specialists from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

The Integrated Management System presented for the first time in the 2015 International Trade Fair makes up the stages of energy classification, collection, treatment, recycling and assessment to generate electricity, in addition to the production of organic fertilizer.

This project is contemplated in the renewed Investment Opportunities Portfolio under the modality of joint venture between a foreign company and the Recovery of Raw Materials Companies.

During the presentation at the FIHAV 2015 the process will begin in Havana which is the province with most wastes due to the population and with the major problem in its treatment.

The areas destined for the project in Havana are Guanabacoa and 100 th Street where the two largest dump sites are located, said Estela Dominguez General Deputy Director of the Raw Materials Company.

Participants at the FANJ also discussed other issues related with the Cuban public policies regarding recycling, local experiences in waste management and the international experience in the field.

-Source Radio Rebelde-

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