The first integrated solution for waste management to be built in Hungary.

AmoTerra (AMT) and the Government of Hungary announces their plan to build the first ever total program installation for remediating waste streams, including mixed waste and radioactive material. Incorporating proven leading-edge technologies, this integrated holistic management system not only remediates waste, but also recovers greater amounts of materials to be recycled, up-cycled and sold.

“These technologies are a logical option for the cleanup challenges posed by landfills globally, in particular, and for addressing nuclear waste, in general. Our solution, in this case, will extend the life of landfills, and hopefully lessen the need to build more,” says Eleonora Anderson-Ahl, CEO and Co-founder of AmoTerra Corporation.


“In addition, we can address the massive problem of radioactive waste across industry sectors. The current solution has been to bury and guard for eternity. Now we can inactivate contaminated materials in a matter of days safely. This potentially helps answer the understandable concerns with the embracing of nuclear power as a green energy solution. “

“First step is characterization of the waste, using our proprietary pollutant valuation modeling to assess the cost of remediation of the individual waste streams, plus calculate the potential for recovery of organic and other intermediates, which may have resale value. No sensors or expensive soil testing, boring, or core samples are necessary. Thereby the costs to assess the problem and develop a remediation plan are dramatically reduced,” says Edward Leung, AmoTerra’s Global Strategist.

“Our solution represents a paradigm shift from current thinking”, adds Mr. Leung, a former environmental strategist for General Electric.

AMT’s Separation/Reduction Process, the second step, will process solids, and effluent liquid waste streams. The reduced volume will extend the lifecycle of the existing repositories. Recyclable and reclaimed materials are salvaged.

“If the waste stream contains radioactive materials, certain isotopes are classified, separated, and isolated to be treated in the AMT Inactivation Process, step three. This is a pyro-chemical process, which transmutes (transubstantiates) the materials, thus accelerating the decay rate to a matter of days, rather than the element’s natural half-life,” says Perry Keister, Chief Engineering and Design Officer.

Geza Szocs, Senior advisor to Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban comments, “It has been Hungary’s vision to become a world leader in addressing the problem of waste management. It is inconceivable to leave this critical problem to future generations to readdress by either simply ignoring the problem, in general or just digging up contaminated materials, re-packaging and burying them again.”

It is anticipated that initial work for building the first ever commercial facility of its’ kind on the landfill site located at Puspokszilagyi outside Budapest, will commence Q2 2017. Funding for this industry-first is coming from diverse sources, including the European Union.

-Source Yahoo Finance-

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