Global climate leaders meet to address climate action and the energy transition.

Courtesy of The Climate Group.

Global climate leaders have gathered in Berlin to address the future of the energy transition and the fight against climate change.

“There is an unstoppable force of action at the sub-national level and the message is clear that climate change can be solved through commitment and action from cities, states and regions. As the Under2 Coalition demonstrates, sub-national governments have the power to bring about change and they are playing a key role in implementing the Paris Agreement,” said Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group, adding:

“Sub-national governments are particularly well placed to identify the needs of their citizens and the challenges and an opportunities presented by climate change.”

Franz Untersteller, Minister of the Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector, Baden-Württemberg, said: “Climate change can only be tackled in a joint global effort. No matter where in the world and by whom climate-damaging greenhouse gases are emitted, we all have the obligation to drastically reduce our carbon footprint in order to save this world for future generations.”

The US federal government announcing its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement in June has shone a light on cities, states and regions and their collaboration to tackle climate change.

The newest member of the Coalition, Stefan Wenzel, Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Protection, Lower Saxony, said: “We reaffirm our ambitious climate protection targets and our interest in international cooperation in the fight against climate change.

“Climate change challenges all regions. The mutual exchange of experience and knowledge offers the opportunity to use the most effective instruments in climate protection and climate change adaptation.”

The RE100, led by the climate group, has grown by a few new high profile companies this week, with Kellogg Company, Estée Lauder, DBS Bank, and Clif Bar & Company all pledging to source 100 per cent of their power from renewable sources across their worldwide operations.

Diane Holdorf, Kellogg Company’s chief sustainability officer, said “Going 100 per cent renewable is the obvious next step; lowering business risk, generating financial savings, and helping other companies make the switch as well.”

M&M’s Fans of Wind is part of their Sustainable In A Generation Plan.

This increasing trend has also been seen with the launch of ‘Fans of Wind Energy’ campaign launched by Mars Inc’ M&M’s.

Tanya Berman, VP for chocolate at Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, said it was rare to see product personalities become the voice of a cause, but the firm believed the tactic could help consumers better relate to the campaign.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the big issues our planet faces and expect the brands they care about to take action,” said Berman. “This is one way we can raise awareness and bring colour to the conversation around how renewable energy can counteract climate change.”

The campaign comes in support of Mars’ goal to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions across its own operations by 2040.

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