LM Wind Power announces Goldwind blade.

LM Wind Power has announced their longest blade during China Windpower 2017 in Beijing. The LM 75.1 P has been tailor made for Goldwind’s new 6.7 MW offshore wind turbine. Goldwind’s 6.7 MW platform will be the largest offshore turbine in China and, combined with the LM 75.1 P, it is designed specifically for the Wind Class I offshore areas in South China off the coasts of Fujian and Guangdong, says LM Wind Power.



Xu Lei, Goldwind Delivery Center General Manger, said: “Goldwind is committed to delivering turbines that meet the highest quality and reliability standards. With LM Wind Power blades, we know we get the quality, technology and reliable manufacturing expertise to meet the demands of Wind Class I.”

Alexis Crama, Vice President, Offshore, LM Wind Power added: “It’s an honor to serve Goldwind’s need for a tailored offshore blade that will power thousands of homes once installed. We have over 25 years of experience with offshore blades, including a strong track record in Europe and China, and with the LM 75.1 P, we build on that expertise to deliver optimal performance on Goldwind’s powerful turbine. We look forward to supporting Goldwind’s ambitions to unlock the vast potential for developing the Chinese offshore market.”


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