Vattenfall Vindkraft Taggen faces council opposition.

On 29 August 2018, the municipal council of the city of Åhus will decide on the application for change of permission for Taggen wind farm.

The application concerns the change the company wishes to make from 170 meters to 220 meters high wind power plants in Hanau Bay.

Åhus is the second largest locality in Kristianstad Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden.

Taggen wind farm is owned by Vattenfall Vindkraft Taggen AB 50% and Hanöbukten Offshore AB (Svensk NaturEnergi AB) 50%.

It seems that the municipal council will propose that the City Council does not approve of the change permit currently in force.

“I do not want to forego the political treatment in the case but my assessment is that there is an overwhelmin majority in favor of the City Council not endorsing the proposal that includes 220 meters of high wind power stations,” writes municipal council Pierre Månsson (L) in an email.

The majority (S, L and C) thus completely change the question. In 2015, the municipality said yes to Taggen Vindpark AB’s plans to increase the 83 planned wind power plants from 170 meters to 200 meters.

However, the increase in wind turbines would mean fewer numbers. 38 or 50 depending on the rotor of the power plant. Pierre Månsson believes that the Environmental Court points to clear deficiencies in the application and that there are doubts about what the increase may have for consequences.

Anders Tell (S), the county council’s first vice president, says to Kristianstadsbladet that the situation is different now and they have to discuss the issue more within the party.

The tag has been debated since 2010 when the municipality first said yes, then to the lower height of 170 meters. Now the debate has sparked again lately, due to the company’s plans to increase, which means that they will be 30 meters higher than Sweden’s tallest building, Turning Torso.

It is debating both environmental impact and the visual impact. How dominant power plants will be along the horizon.

Last week, M and KD left a request for extra municipal council meeting because the last day of the municipality to submit comments to the Land and Environmental Court about Taggens’s application for raising is already 20 August.

The parties would prefer that there be a no increase in the other way that the municipality applies for a permit to make new calculations.

The statement from the Land and Environmental Court about submitting comments arrived at the end of June, but already at that time, the municipal management office requested a decision until 29 August to make a decision.

The fact that the majority is already out of the question before the proposal is ready, according to Pierre Månsson, is the concern that is now available to residents and those concerned in the area.

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